Hello and thanks for coming to visit my lovely website.

I'm Ray, a 25 year old comedian from Glasgow. Feel free to take a look at the weird and wondeful stuff I have on here and have a nosey!

You'll find a list of all my upcoming gigs in the next couple of months, a blog where I will just chat about life/daytime telly and what's been happening recently but perhaps best of all, there's a gallery page with pictures of myself looking as awkward as any human could.

You can also log onto and dare me to do whatever you want for my new show that I'll be taking to a few comedy festivals in 2014.

That's all for now but if you want to get in touch with me to book me for gigs, have a chat, or just find someone to have a cup of tea and some Custard Creams with then give me a shout through my contacts page.

Ray x

This is the pretentious bit of the website, here's what people say about me:

Having made his comedy debut in September 2008, Ray has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting new acts on the comedy circuit. A two time Scottish Comedian of The Year finalist, Ray has travelled the lengths and breadths of the country telling jokes to anyone that will listen, making his name as an MC for various promoters.

"Very funny" - STV

"Excellent" - Chortle

"One to look out for" - The Skinny

"a very promising writer, able to create some enjoyably twisted punchlines" - Chortle

"Has a Clear Comedy Gift" - Edinburgh Evening News

"Funnier than a falcon..." - Frankie Boyle