Here's an update of how I'm getting on with my dares including a quite gutting ending to one of my stories:



I got in touch with the British Ostrich association to see how feasible it is to hug an Ostrich. They replied with Ostrich’s aren’t just for hugging. Guess I’m going to have to buy it breakfast the next day. Think I’ll avoid eggs though cause that could make it awkward.



Today I emailed John Prescott to see if I could kiss him on the cheek. He hasn’t got back to me, what a tease.



I spent about an hour online trying to trace down Scotland’s oldest women. Finally tracked her down (that sounds proper creepy doesn’t it) to a care home in Glasgow.  I phoned them to try and arrange a meeting and was told that she had passed away 10 days ago. I actually felt quite sad due to the fact that she lasted 108 years but the threat of meeting me was too much. The quest shall continue.


My New Website and Upcoming Festival Show

I need your help. Over the next few months I will be doing dares sent in by anyone who wants to, and then talk about them in my new solo show at various comedy festivals in 2013.

To dare me all you need to do is go to and have fun! Be gentle with me x


I’m getting scared – 6/11/12

In the next couple of days I will be posting stuff online about my first ever solo show that will hopefully do numerous festivals next year and give me an emotional breakdown at the same time. The theme of the show is a bit mental and relies a lot on members of the general public so hopefully they are kind and gentle with me.

I very much doubt it.


New Blog - 26/10/2012

I've finally got round to blogging now that Undercover Boss USA and Beauty and the Geek have finished, these daytime telly shows are definitely one of the perks of working at night. In all honesty Beauty and the Geek goes downhill after the makeover episode when they become a bit more cocky and the girls are less repulsed by them but that probably should be addressed by a different blog rather than mine.

In the last weeks I've been down gigging in London and then spent 4 days at the Stand in Newcastle which is just an amazing place, not only because you get free food and discounted Asian beer. Sandwiched inbetween these two citys I was a guest on Jo Caulfield's podcast The Good, The Bad and The Ugly which if filmed infront of a live audience at the Edinburgh Stand (I say audience, it was mainly Swiss students for some reason). The podcast can be listened to here -

Coming up daytime telly wise is probably watching Hebburn on the iplayer and then Pointless. Gigwise I'm down in Leeds tomorrow and then at home for the next couple of weeks doing some local gigs which means I don't get to spend time with a friend I see far too much, Mr Megabus.

I'm getting new headshots done next week so if you have any reccommendations on how to make my face look prettier then drop me a mail on the email address on the website.

Ray x